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Clarion Jazz’s mission is to provide jazz recordings for the serious music enthusiast, whose tastes are for the fullest expression of the artist without regard for commercial restraints and marketing limitations. Clarion Jazz is dedicated to the sustenance and continuing development of jazz and all related music and artists. At Clarion Jazz, our focus is first and foremost on the artist. With every Clarion Jazz release, our mission is to assist our artists in realizing their musical vision as well as helping to foster exciting new original works and special projects that can never be conceived or heard elsewhere.

The principals at Clarion Jazz are founder/chairman Dale Fielder and CEO Leonard Herring, Jr. Clarion Jazz was founded in 1983 by Dale Fielder in New York, NY with a commission from the Bulgarian government to produce his first album , Scene From A Dream, by the Dale Fielder Quintet featuring pianist Geri Allen. At this early date, Fielder conceived an ambitious agenda of standards and goals for Clarion Jazz that to this day is still the guiding force behind everything Clarion Jazz does and can be seen in each individual production of over 20 CD projects among which are several Top 20 and Top 10 recordings, as well as a nationally syndicated video production for BET. Clarion Jazz is aggressively looking to the future with special large scale productions with strings and orchestras as well as an eye to future DVD productions with their artists.

Since taking over the reigns of Clarion Jazz in 2002 as Chief Executive Officer, Leonard Herring, Jr. has expanded on Fielder’s vision by implementing a successful business model for Clarion Jazz, while also making sure the company’s business decisions never override artistic and musical choice. Bringing his business acumen, and world vision to Clarion Jazz, Herring is also CEO and President of Management Limited., a management firm that provides public relations counsel to artists in association with his senior consultant, the legendary manager and agent John Levy. Herring’s productions for Clarion Jazz convey his large scope of vision that has resulted in the 2005 release of Charles McPherson With Strings - A Tribute to Charlie Parker with the Cleveland Chamber Symphony, and 2004 release of Suite:Clarity an extended jazz suite by Dale Fielder as well as Howling Monk, the 2003 two-disc release by Fielder’s Group/Force.

Dale Fielder has become a world-renown saxophonist and composer largely through his CD productions on Clarion Jazz. His recordings on Clarion Jazz has brought him international critical accolades as one of the promising new composers in jazz, as well as one of the more promising new saxophonists in jazz. He has also been touted as one of the few promising new bandleaders in jazz and has performed with his various ensembles throughout the United States and as far abroad as Asia and Europe. With Fielder’s technical and art design direction, Clarion Jazz CD’s were noticed from the very first recordings for their professional production quality. All Clarion Jazz recordings are distributed through North Country Distributors and each CD is marketed for jazz radio by Groov Marketing Consultants. Artist Management is provided by Management Limited.

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